Boards, Committees, and Church Governance

Executive Council

The Executive Council is comprised of the Pastor, Moderator, and Clerk; the Chairs of the Boards of Deacons, Household Concerns, Christian Education, and Christian Outreach; representatives from the Standing Committees: Historian, Memorial Garden, Nominating, Public Relations, and Social; and two Members-at-Large. Delegates and heads or representatives of appointed committees, organizations, and Societies of the Church may also attend.

The Executive Council administers the work of the Church; approves the annual budget for presentation; takes a long-term view of all Church activities; supervises the work of the officers, boards, and committees; and reviews the priorities of the Church.

The Council meets monthly, September-June.

Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons is responsible for the general supervision of the spiritual interests of the church and the public services of worship. In consultation with the Pastor, it oversees the work of the Music and Caregiving Ministries. It welcomes new members to the Church, obtains ushers, provides for the Communion Service, and administers the John S. Livingston Scholarship. Deacons supply the pulpit when the Pastor is unavailable and organize the search process when there is a need for a new pastor.

The Board consists of a minimum of twelve Deacons who are elected annually for three-year terms; it meets monthly, September-June.

Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education is responsible for all aspects of The United Church of Rowayton’s educational programs, from infancy through adulthood. It selects the curriculum and recruits teachers for Sunday school. It oversees the Wednesday evening confirmation classes, as well as the Wednesday evening 6th-8th grade Anchors program. It trains the nursery and toddler infant care volunteers, and it is also responsible for the Thursday adult Bible class.

The Board is divided into three subcommittees: Children (up to 5th grade), Youth (6th-12th grade), and Adult.

The Board consists of at least six members who are elected annually for three-year terms that, unlike other Boards, start in September to correspond to the school year. In addition, the Director of Christian Education is a member of this Board. This Board meets monthly, September-June.

Board of Christian Outreach

The Board of Christian Outreach (BOCO) benevolently disburses funds to agencies, offers mission and service programs, holds drives and collections, and provides educational opportunities and information for our Family of Faith.

At each Annual Meeting, a generous portion of the church budget is assigned to the Board of Christian Outreach which then distributes funds to local Norwalk-area agencies, as well as to the United Church of Christ’s Our Church’s Wider Mission and our Conference’s Silver Lake Conference Center.

The Board of Christian Outreach consists of a minimum of six members who are elected annually to serve three-year terms. It meets monthly, September-June.

Board of Household Concerns

The Board of Household Concerns is responsible for all business aspects of the church, including preparing and overseeing the operating and capital budgets and overseeing the Stewardship Drive.

The Board is also responsible  for the care and improvements of the physical properties of the church.

Altar Committee

The Altar Committee is responsible for arranging altar flowers and caring for Sanctuary plants in order to provide an attractive worship environment. The Committee also provides special holiday decorations at Christmas, Easter, and for the harvest festival before Thanksgiving, as well as roses for Baptisms and carnations for Mother’s Day.

People wanting to make memorial altar flower contributions or to work with the Altar Committee are invited to contact the church office.

Memorial Garden Committee

The Memorial Garden is used for the scattering or interment of ashes, memorial services, and the placement of memorial markers for past and present members of The United Church of Rowayton and their immediate families: spouse or partner, children, and parents.  It is also a place for meditation, worship and communion services, celebrations of thanksgiving and praise, baptisms, weddings and musical programs.  The Memorial Garden Committee is responsible for the continued care of the Garden, placement of urns and ashes, and record keeping.

The Committee consists of at least six members who are elected annually to serve three-year terms.  In addition, one member of the Board of Deacons and the Board of Household Concerns sits on the Committee in an ex officio capacity.

For information about the Memorial Garden, contact the church office.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee prepares the slate of volunteers who will serve as officers or on the boards and committees.

Social Committee

The Social Committee plans and directs four events a year: a welcome back in September, a Christmas cookie exchange in December, a Spring Into Spring barbecue, and a luncheon on Teacher Appreciation Day.

The Social Committee consists of a minimum of four members who are elected annually for two-year terms.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is an appointed committee established annually by the Board of Household Concerns. It has the responsibility for raising funds for the general operating budget through regular giving via an annual pledge drive.