When you pull into the driveway, you can stop at the arched entrance to let passengers off who might find walking or climbing stairs difficult or just continue driving to the right, around the rear of the buildings, and park. There will be signs pointing you to the entrance of the House of Worship. When you enter, ushers will greet you and give you an Order of Worship. It contains everything you will need for the service, as well as announcements and information about upcoming events. If you bring very young children, you can take them to our professionally staffed Infant and Toddler Care Room so they won’t disturb other worshipers. If you choose to stay with your child, the service can be heard in the room. You and your family are welcome to sit anywhere in the Sanctuary. We don’t kneel when we pray. As you look around, we hope you will appreciate our vitality and sense of community. After the service, many of us walk to the Meeting House for Fellowship. You might want to stop at the Welcome Table to learn more about us. We look forward to getting to know you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I park?

Parking spaces for people with special needs are available as soon as you pull into our driveway, beside the House of Worship and the Meeting House. Our large parking lot is found by following the driveway around to the right. The House of Worship is the large building with the dramatic, sail-like roof. Some people like to drop off passengers at the main entrance on the right before they go around the building to park. When entering the House of Worship (also informally called the Sanctuary) from the parking lot, we use the lower entrance nearest the road.  There are white signs to guide you.

When should I arrive?

Sunday worship services are at 10:15 AM. Most people start to arrive shortly after 10:00 AM. In July and August, we move to Pinkney Park down the street from the church for shortened services that begin at 9:15 AM. Because there is very limited parking in the Park itself, we leave our cars at the Church or park on the street.

What should I wear?

Some people dress more formally while others arrive in what is most comfortable. Yes, jeans and shorts are fine. In the summer, when our services are held in Pinkney Park and we sit in lawn chairs or on the grass, informal and comfortable is definitely the order of the day.

What kind of people will I encounter?

As you enter the House of Worship, you will be greeted with a smile by an usher and given an Order of Worship that will guide you through the service. Stop at the Welcome Table and check out the information that is available for you.  Sit anywhere. As you look around, you will notice we enjoy being with each other. While some people sit quietly, preparing themselves for worship, most can be seen happily catching up on the week’s events.

I love my extended family at the UCR.  I am so happy here, glad I found a home in the UCR!  M.H.

What is worship like?

The United Church of Christ is not a creedal church.  That means we do not tell you what to believe, although we do have a Statement of Faith. Similarly, we do not use a prayer book. This means, for example, no two opening prayers will be quite the same. In fact, while there is an overall consistency week after week, no two services are ever exactly the same. Our services are often thematic.

What is the communion service like?

We serve Communion on the first Sunday of the month. In the United Church of Christ, everyone is welcome to come to the Communion table. We serve grape juice instead of wine.

What will the music be like?

Music helps us worship in ways that transcend words. One moment we might be listening to the Adult Choir and the next to the Youth Handbell Choir. The congregation might sing a traditional hymn and then, moments later, join in singing a round. Instrumentalists join us for special services, and jazz has also provided the focal point for theological reflections.

Why do you call it a message and not a sermon?

One definition of ​sermon​ claims it is a lengthy and tedious lecture of reproof and exhortation. That is the polar opposite of what Pastor Sal gives us each week. In his messages, he shows what it means to be a Christian in this world of ours. He shares, explains and inspires, and then he sends us out to be God’s people.

What do you provide for children?

For the first three Sundays of the month, children are invited to stay with their families until Pastor Sal invites them to come forward for his “Talk With the Children.” They then go to Sunday School, where they spend about half an hour engaged in fun Seasons of the Spirit curriculum activities. Classes are taught by volunteers from our congregation. During the service, trained church members provide infant and toddler care in a room beneath the Sanctuary. The service is broadcast downstairs for parents who want to remain with their young children.

9t​h​ and 10t​h​ graders can participate in our two-year confirmation program. 6t​h-​ 8t​h​ graders and their friends can participate in a bi-monthly, evening program called Anchors, where they take part in a short, Christian-focused message and social activities with each other in a safe, supportive environment.
You do not have to belong to the church for your child to participate in these programs – we welcome all children.

What happens after the service?

After the service, we walk to the Meeting House for fellowship. This is a time to gather, greet old friends, and make new ones. Join us. Everyone is welcome. This is a great opportunity to meet Pastor Sal and to get to know us as you help yourself to something to eat and grab a cup of coffee.

What kinds of adult education/spiritual growth opportunities do you have?

Adults may attend the weekly Thursday noon Scripture Study and Spiritual Discussion group. In addition, from time to time, we offer a special thematic program that may occur on a Sunday afternoon or weeknight.