The Memorial Garden of the United Church of Rowayton has been created through the thoughtful gifts from members and friends and is intended for varied uses, including scattering or interment of ashes, memorial services, placement of memorial markers, meditation, worship and communion services, celebrations of thanksgiving and praise, baptisms, weddings and musical programs.

The Memorial Garden shall be self-supporting from special gifts, memorials and income from its use.


The Memorial Garden is reserved for past and present members the United Church of Rowayton and their immediate families: spouse, children and parents.

Reserving Space

Download an application. Once eligibility has been established and the required fee paid, a marker may be placed at any available spot as indicated on the Garden Plan.

Names, dates, and location of reserved markers are recorded on the master plan and, when markers have been engraved, are listed in a Memorial Book that is kept in the office.

Memorial Markers

The marker shall be a granite block that borders the Memorial Garden walk, fountain, or exterior border. There are currently five circular rows of markers.

Each marker shall have two lines. The first is for the name of the deceased and second is for the years of birth and death. Type size and style are determined be the Memorial Garden Committee.

Ashes may be scattered – with permission of the Memorial Garden Committee and the Pastor – among the plantings of the Garden or placed next to the granite markers. A marker may be used even if the ashes of the deceased are placed elsewhere. Urns containing ashes may only be placed next to the granite markers. Urn size shall not exceed 10 x 10 x 10 inches.


The fee for the reservation of space in or use of the Memorial Garden shall be set by the Memorial Garden Committee, with approval of the Executive Council, and shall be reviewed periodically. The current reservation fee is $500.

The cost of engraving a granite marker and interment of ashes shall be assumed by the family of the deceased. The current cost of engraving is $350 per stone. The cost of interment is $100 per site.


The Memorial Garden is the responsibility of, and will be administered by, the Memorial Garden Committee.

All income received from the reservation of memorial markers, as well as special gifts and memorials, shall be kept in a Memorial Garden account, separate from all other Church accounts. These funds shall be administered by the Memorial Garden Committee to ensure continued care of the Garden.

Liability Limitation

The Church, through the Memorial Garden Committee, shall exercise all due care in the maintenance of the Garden, but shall not accept liability of any kind for the maintenance or preservation of scattered or interred ashes, any loss or damage to urns placed next to granite markers or degradation of granite markers.