Whether you are new to the area or a long-time resident, a seasoned church-goer or just starting out, sure of your beliefs or struggling with questions… we welcome you. Regardless of your cultural and ethnic background, race, state of physical well-being, sexual orientation or gender identity… we welcome you. No matter what your God given gifts and talents might be… we welcome you.

We strive to make religion relevant in today’s world, and we extend an extravagant welcome to you.

Our church is a place where everyone can find a spiritual home. This is a place where everyone is nurtured in their individual faith journeys.

This is a place where everyone shines!

From the moment I first walked into the United Church of Rowayton with my two young boys, I felt at ease and accepted.

After attending a few churches over the years, I had heard about this man named John Livingston and how wonderful he is. I met John a couple of years ago and he invited me to come to a service, no pressure, but please come. Well, I did and the rest is history!