Gifting and Planned Giving

The Board of Household Concern’s Planned Giving/Special Gifts Committee is responsible for enhancing the Church’s endowment fund and assists individuals in gift planning. Gifting includes:

Outright Gift and Deferred Gift: The simplest way of giving. Subject to limitations, these gifts are tax-deductible.

Bequests by Will: Such bequests are excluded in calculating your estate taxes. The United Church of Rowayton can be included in new wills or added to an existing will via a codicil.

Life Insurance: Name the United Church of Rowayton as a beneficiary or co-beneficiary of your policy. Subject to limitations, the premium payment may be available as a tax deduction.

Gifts of Securities or Property: A gift of securities or real estate offers special tax advantages to the donor concerned with long-term or short-term capital gains.

Creation of a Trust: A trust may be designed to meet any special set of circumstances to guarantee family needs and eventually pay principal or income to the United Church of Rowayton.

Laws change, so always check with your tax advisor.

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