Our Worship Services

We do not follow a single liturgy, although our services do share a basic framework. Nothing is required of us… except to show up. And when we do, we find old and new music, readings from scripture and contemporary texts, and messages (a word we prefer instead of sermons) that help us learn how to be Christians in the real world.

Children talk with Pastor Sal before going off to Sunday school (but they remain with their families on the last Sunday of the month for an Intergenerational Service). Everyone is welcome to participate in Communion; there are no restrictions.

Service lasts about an hour and is followed immediately by Fellowship, which is a time to catch up with friends while having coffee, juice, and treats.

We Are A Family of Faith

Whoever you are and wherever you are on your faith journey, you are welcome to our Family of Faith. Here you will find we help each other grow in God’s Spirit as we offer care and compassion. Together we live, learn, laugh, cry, listen, pray, sing, dream, and discover.

Our Mission

We are a Christian community, dedicated to welcoming all who seek a relationship with God, to sharing God’s word and love, and to nurturing all in their journey of faith.