Faith formation is found at the heart of our Christian Education program. Our goal is to help each individual learn what it means to lead a life of tolerance, respect, and love. “What does this Bible story mean to you, today, in your own life?” “What does being a Christian mean to you?” We learn the Word of God through the Scriptures and by coming together in fellowship to share the Word and to put it into practice. That is our educational objective.

Sunday School

For the first three weeks of the month, pre-K through 5th grade children remain with their parents for the first 15 minutes of the service. They then gather around the altar for a brief “Talk with the Children” with Director of Christian Education Val Harden. After this talk and a short prayer, the children are sent off to Sunday School either downstairs from the sanctuary or in the meeting house. Sunday School classes are taught by adult volunteers, who use the Bible and the “Seasons of the Spirit” curriculum to learn about God. Classes are very hands-on, featuring appropriate craft projects that are tied to the lessons.

The service on the last Sunday of the month is intergenerational. Children remain with their parents.

A great place for our kids.  H.M.

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The Anchors (Youth Group)

6th, 7th, and 8th graders meet every other Wednesday evening. These middle schoolers include children in our Family of Faith as well as their friends. They gather for fun, service, and companionship. Led by adult and teen leaders, they play games, engage in community service learning activities, enjoy pizza nights, and go on age-appropriate mission trips. And always, there are hot-topic discussions about what is happening in their busy lives. In this environment, they experience the spirituality of Christian fellowship.

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Confirmation Classes

Confirmation is the process by which a student becomes a member of our church. 9th and 10th grade confirmation classes are held on Wednesday evenings. Students come from families that are members of the church as well as people from outside our Family of Faith. Through examination of the Bible, discussion, activities and games, students learn what it means to be a Christian in today’s world. Pastor Sal Sapienza and Director of Christian Education Val Harden instruct this two-year program. At the end of the two years, each confirmand writes a personal statement, which is read before the congregation on Confirmation Sunday.

Adult Faith Formation

Participants gather mid-day on Thursday, September through June, to contemplate the Sunday Scripture reading and gain insight into Pastor Sal’s message.

“Somehow the message I hear at the United Church of Rowayton is exactly the one I needed to hear that particular week to get me through. Thank you.”