The Sunday School program relies on adult volunteers to bring the lessons alive for the children…and the children are especially thrilled when their own parents/guardians participate as their lesson leaders.

The lessons are prepared for ease of use.  They are, by design, brief and fun for all.  No divinity, teaching or art degree needed.

No out-of-pocket expense.

The look of delight on the children’s faces as they show their crafts off with pride to their families at pick-up time is a warm and surprising reward for your efforts.

Click to sign up to lead a class. 

A class last only 20-30 minutes.  There are about 12 sessions each semester.  You decide when you want to teach as well as the number of sessions.  Choose now before the sessions fill up.

Director of Christian Education Val Harden will contact you once you sign up.  She will share the simple instructions and all that has been prepped for you.

Thank you in advance for volunteering to have fun with our Sunday Schoolers!

For more information, call or text Val at 203-505-8513 or email her at