In the gospel reading for the 3rd Sunday of Easter, the risen Jesus appears to the apostles, telling them, “You are witnesses.”  Where and when have you witnessed the Risen Christ in your own life?  What does it mean to “bear witness” to the Divine Presence?

Join us this Sunday at 10:15 AM as we explore what it means to “Experience the Divine.”

Scripture Reading:  Luke 24: 26b-48


Do you remember when you were a kid and thought church was just a B-O-R-I-N-G lecture?  That is NOT what you’ll find at the United Church of Rowayton!  Walk in the door and the first thing you’ll notice is how much everyone enjoys being with each other.  Our services are filled with life and laughter.

There is a reason why our attendance is increasing.  In one service we might sing an African spiritual and in another listen to a handbell choir.  Instead of leaving for Sunday school partway through the service, sometimes the children remain with their families.  Pastor Sal Sapienza is engaging, energetic, and fun.  In one week, he might touch on the wisdom of ancient mystics and in another share the thinking of progressive theologians.  His messages give us a roadmap to leading a Christian life, to be the Light, as he often says.

We’ve been told our vitality meter is off the scale.  We invite you to discover if that is true.  Be assured: everyone is welcome at the United Church of Rowayton.