Rev. Daniel England leads Bible Study on Sunday and Thursday.

The Sunday session meets in Room 1, upstairs in the Meeting House at 11:30.  The Thursday group meets in Livingston Hall at noon; it is a repeat for those who could not attend on Sunday.

The Thursday session will also be available on Zoom.  Just a few minutes before noon, click this link:   Don’t know how to do Zoom?  Click this link for step-by-step directions:

The Bible Study will begin with some basic, but critical questions such as:

Who was Mark?

When did he write this account of Jesus’ life and why?

Why is it both similar to and different from Matthew and Luke?

To whom was it written?

If you’re interested and want to do a bit of preparation, you can read Chapter 1 of Mark and ask yourself this question: The Gospel begins with the words: “The beginning of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” Why, if it is an account of the “beginning of the Gospel (the Good News),” does he start with account of John the Baptist and not at the manger in Bethlehem?” You will not be disappointed.