Summer Services in Pinkney Park

On June 30, we will move our summer worship services from our House of Worship to Pinkney Park.  We are delighted to share our summer experience with the Rowayton United Methodist Church.  On June 30 and through July, Rev. John Livingston will lead worship, and Rev. Michael Cobb will lead worship on August Sundays and on September 1.

The service begins at 9:15am.  People bring their own lawn chairs, blankets, and coffee.  This is a family event; there are always children.  We’ll even see a dog or two.  The service ends around 10:15.

If it is raining, worship is held across the street in the Sanctuary of the United Methodist Church.

Come worship while enjoying the beauty of the Five Mile River and Rowayton Harbor.  We gather ‘round the gazebo.

Just a reminder: parking spaces in the Park are limited, and we like to save them for people for whom walking is difficult. (They often set up their chairs just in front of their cars.  We have an outdoor speaker, so everyone gets to hear.)