Starting October 1, to reduce the volume of information we send out, we will no longer print a bimonthly newsletter. Its content will now be incorporated into our weekly email, which is now our Thursday newsletter. This represents best practices and is in keeping with what other churches do.
The very few people who do not do emails will continue to receive Thursday Newsletters via snail mail.
To avoid over-stuffing any one issue of the new Thursday newsletter or Order of Worship, we assigned boards and committees specific weeks of the month in which to have articles. For example, in the first week of the month, we might see articles from the pastor and Board of Christian Outreach.  In the second week, the Board of Christian Education and Board of Deacons will be highlighted.  And so on.  Of course, all of the regular news and announcements will continue to be given.
Items that appear in the Thursday Newsletter and Order of Worship will also appear in this new Info section of our website. If we miss the original article, we can go to the Info section and find it there.
Material for the newsletter should continue to be sent to Kris Jenkins; if it should also be included in social media posts, a copy should be sent to Bill Peltz.  If you have questions, please talk to either of us.