What is a Pledge?

In the United Church of Christ, each church operates autonomously in business matters. This means it is responsible for generating its own income. Unlike other denominations, the UCC does not consist of a hierarchical structure that will make up a church’s shortfall.

Typically, UCC churches receive most of their income in the form of pledges made by their members. A pledge is a written document that indicates a member’s intention to donate a specific amount in the coming year in a payment schedule that is convenient.

Pledging is a Christian practice that has theological roots. God blessed us with the ability to work and live, and pledging is a way in which we joyfully honor God by giving back an amount that is appropriate to our ability in order to do God’s work. Pledging is not tithing; instead, it is a statement of intent or commitment that is part of a lifestyle of generosity.

In the United Church of Rowayton, the Stewardship Committee oversees the pledge drive. The Stewardship Committee is an appointed committee established annually by the Board of Household Concerns.