Jonathan Peter Wildman Memorial Scholarship


The Jonathan Peter Wildman Memorial Scholarship was established by his parents in August, 1997, after his birth and death. This scholarship is awarded to church members who are graduating high school students, have demonstrated Christian beliefs through activities with the church and/or community, and who plan to continue their formal education. These scholarships help honor the dream Kathy and Peter Wildman had for Jonathan – to be active in church and community affairs and to be in pursuit of further education.

Applicants submit an essay to the church office. This essay must demonstrate the above criteria. In addition, the applicant must submit a recommendation from a teacher, guidance counselor, or an adult friend who has known the applicant for more than five years.

Anyone who would like to contribute to The Jonathan Peter Wildman Memorial Scholarship Fund may do so at any time. Send a check made out to the United Church of Rowayton and indicate that it is for the scholarship fund.

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