Stewardship 2017

November 8, 2016


The Church is the Church not when its bills are paid. The Church is the Church not when its pews are full. Those are nice things for a church to be able to say about itself, but they are not necessarily the metrics by which we measure our value, our worth, our success.  The Church is the Church when lives are changed. It is the Church when it inspires people to use their time, and resources to serve the common good. It is the Church when it helps people love themselves, their God and their neighbor.

The Rev. Dr. John C. Dorhauer

General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ


Dear Members and Friends of the Congregation,

On Sunday, November 6th  Pastor John asked us to ponder the question:  “What shall I do with these hands of mine to help our Family of Faith?”

It is the time of year when we are called upon to pledge our financial support to our Church. A pledge is a statement of intent to give a certain amount to our Church community. Circumstances may change and you may be able to give more or less than you pledged, and that is perfectly fine. A pledge is not a binding commitment – it is an expression of intent.  Every pledge is appreciated, needed and gratefully received.

The majority of the financial support The United Church of Rowayton receives is through pledge income from our members and friends. By making a stewardship commitment through your pledge, you help our Church to practice good stewardship and build its budget for 2017.  Pledges give us an idea of how much our Church will have to carry out its mission. It enables our Committees and Boards to make conscious, purposeful decisions about funding for Church activities, from ministry to maintenance.  In addition, your pledge payment  is a tax deduction the year it is paid.

The goal of this year’s Stewardship Campaign is to raise a total in pledge income of $403,000, a small increase over last year’s goal of $400,000. Pledges range from $100 to $30,000 with the average pledge of $2,500. Our goal deadline is December 11.

There are three ways you to make a pledge to The United Church of Rowayton:

  • Go to our web site and  pledge online
  • Pick up a pledge form at Church and put it in the plate
  • Return the enclosed pledge form

If you have any questions please contact  Frank Jenkins via email at  or Courtney Oldrin via email at

To quote Pastor John, “If we are going to ‘fly’ into 2017, then we need many hands to help and work together.” Through God’s grace and the generosity of those who came before us, we have been given so much. Please respond in kind with giving hands.


Courtney Oldrin, Stewardship Coordinator