Church Boards



UCR Executive Council


The executive council is comprised of:


• Pastor, Moderator, Clerk

• Chairs of the following Boards: Deacons, Household Concerns, Christian Education and Christian Outreach

• Representatives from the following Standing Committees: Nominating, Public Relations, Memorial Garden, Social

  and Historian

• Two Members-at-Large


Total of 14 Members


Executive Council  Responsibilities


The Executive Council has the responsibility of administering the work of the Church, approving the annual budget for presentation, and of taking a long-range view of all Church activities and involvements. It shall supervise the work of the various Officers, Boards and Committees. The Executive Council shall, in conjunction with the Pastor, extensively study and review the priorities of the Church.  It is also tasked with reviewing the effectiveness of the mutual ministry at least every three years. The Council is answerable to the Church Meeting and shall conduct its business in accordance with the direction of the Church Meeting. The Council shall ordinarily meet once a month with the Chair, or designated substitute, of the four principal Boards and five Standing Committees.


Heads or representatives of appointed Committees, Subcommittees, Organizations and Societies of the Church may be invited to attend, but shall not have the right to propose motions or to vote.


Board of Deacons


“The primary role of the Board of Deacons is to act as assistants to the Pastor, especially with regard to worship.”

The Constitution of our Church states that Deacons, “Shall have general supervision of the spiritual interests of the Church and the public services of worship.”


There are 12 Deacons, each of whom serves a three-year term. Deacons must be active church members. They are selected by the Pastor in conjunction with the Nominating Committee, the current Chair of the Board and also from members who offer themselves for consideration.


The Deacons also are charged under the Constitution with organizing a Search Committee whenever there is a need for a new or additional Pastor.


Other functional responsibilities include:


• Designate a Deacon of the Month, whose task it is to make certain that the Sanctuary is ready for worship each Sunday.

• Organizie and train the ushers for Sunday services.

• Liaise with the Director of Music and the Altar Committee.

• Active monitoring of and liaison with the Church membership, ongoing and new. The Deacons attend the New Member 

  Gatherings and host a breakfast before the New Member Service.

• Through the caregiving ministry, complement the Pastor’s visits to the sick, the house bound and anyone else in need.

• Monitor the ongoing progress of the Shared Vision survey that took place in 1999.

• Participate in the Memorial, Deacons’ and Wildman Funds.

• Liaise with the Board of Household Concerns about financial matters affected by their duties.


Serving as a Deacon is a richly rewarding experience for those who wish to actively participate in the life of The United Church of Rowayton.



Board of Household Concerns (BOHC) 


The Board of Household Concerns is responsible for finance, setting of budgets, raising the required funds, monitoring and limiting expenses, managing the endowment and maintaining the physical plant. The Board of Household Concerns is comprised of at least twelve members with each serving a three-year term, plus the Business Manager, General Treasurer and Financial Secretary who are Officers with financial responsibilities. Several Sub-Committees report to BOHC: Investment Committee; Finance Committee, Stewardship Committeee, Property Committee, Long Term Giving Committee.



Board of Christian Education (BOCE)


The Board of Christian Education is responsible for UCR's educational programs from infancy through adulthood. The Board oversees all aspects of Christian Education within The United Church of Rowayton from curriculum selection and the recruitment of teachers for the Sunday School. The Board consists of at least six members, one-third of whom are elected annually to serve a term of three years. In addition, the Director of Christian Education, is amember of this Board. The Board is divided into three subcommittees or ministries: Children (up to 5th grade), Youth (6th - 12th grades) and Adult.



Board of Christian Outreach (BOCO)


Each year the Board studies and identifies community and social problems and the organizations which exist to address these problems. We distribute our budgeted funds to those organizations which we feel are in the best position to alleviate the pain and suffering we know exist around us. The Board continues to urge the Congregation’s personal participation in projects such as: AmeriCares HomeFront, CropWalk for Hunger, White Dove Christmas baskets, food drives, clothing drives, blanket drives, and Tools for Hope projects (the latter two through Church World Service).