Three of the most vibrant days of the week for our Church are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. On all three of these days, our Congregation is actively involved in the study of the Word of God through the scriptures and in coming together in fellowship to share the word and put it into practice. That is our educational objective.


Wednesday nights  Pastor John is upstairs instructing our 9th and 10th Graders on the importance and gifts of Confirmation. The Anchors Youth Group for 6th - 8th Graders also meets Wednesday evenings (every other week). Wednesday evening is a busy, happy time at our Church.


Thursday at noon, Pastor John instructs a Bible Study class for those who can take a break in their day to study the Word of God.  There are direct readings of different Bible versions with the help of our Congregational Seasons of the Spirit Curriculum for Adults.  This takes place over the course of the Lectionary Year.


Sunday culminates in our expression of Worship in the Sanctuary. Three weeks a month, the children stay in Worship for the first 15 minutes to hear Pastor John read the Gospel or other scripture readings.  This is done at the front of the Church.  Afterwards, the children in Pre-K through 8th Grade go to the Meeting House for Church School to learn about God from both the Bible and our Seasons of the Spirit Curriculum.  The classes are taught by volunteer teachers from the Congregation.


All of these times of coming together are carefully orchestrated to teach our children and adults about our UCC Faith Tradition, our understanding of the Holy Bible and how to be together in a compassionate, fruitful way as we have been asked to do by God. This is the meaning of our educational program at The United Church of Rowayton -- to bring together our Congregation in a loving, informative structure that offers a solid, detailed background on the foundations of our Faith.


It is a joyful and meaningful experience for all those who attend. We welcome all.