Board of Christian Outreach

Doing as Jesus taught and reaching out to those in need is the essential mission of the Board of Christian Outreach (BOCO). It accomplishes this by benevolently disbursing funds to local agencies, participating in mission and service programs, holding drives and collections, and providing educational information to our Family of Faith.

Each month we prepare and serve dinner at a local soup kitchen, and we have taken mission trips to sites in Appalachia, Mexico, and South Dakota.

In addition to our numerous food drives, we collect Christmas toys, Easter baskets, and backpacks and school supplies for local agencies to distribute to children. Students in the confirmation classes and Anchors program often participate in these activities.

Our ministry extends worldwide. By pooling our resources with other churches, we can do such things as bring potable water to villages in Cambodia or provide temporary housing to families displaced by hurricanes.

If you come to visit, ask for a copy of Volunteer Opportunities, a BOCO publication that lists where adult and children volunteers can serve in the area.

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